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Elise Legacy Program

My passion for providing brand marketing services was born out of my experiences as a young man and my early entrepreneurial days.

Furthermore, my ultimate goal is to provide top class services to every client whilst addressing social issues.

The Elise Legacy Program 'ELP' was created in honor of my late mother Elise Buon who passed away in May 2005. I was 13 years old when I lost my mother, I knew I felt lost but I did not quite know how to process such grief. Thankfully, I had a great support system within my small family and at school. I was honored to have been introduced to a gentlemen's club, they helped mentor young boys at my high school on how to transition from boys to being men and overcoming challenges as an adolescent.


Here I learnt many valuable lessons about perseverance, living in one's purpose, and being given a chance in life. After graduating from high school, I realized how challenging starting a new business was without the right resources, but with the support from people who believed in me, I was able to achieve my goals.


All this fueled my passion for giving back to those with humble beginnings like myself.

My mother was an inspiration, hard working, and a philanthropist in her own right. To carry on her legacy, 'ELP' provides one young entrepreneur each year an opportunity to better their chances at success. With the help of clients and donations, 'ELP' will not only provide recipients business opportunities, we care about the person as a whole, as we understand that our chances at success has many contributing factors such as our socio-economical backgrounds, our mental health, and our physical abilities.

The opportunities available to recipients each year will be largely influenced by our sales and contributions.10% of all profits will go towards the 'ELP' initiative, whilst your contributions will further the work at hand.


The list of opportunities available to the recipients includes 

but are not limited to the following:

• Business plan development

• Logo development

• Guidance and funding to register business

• A laptop for business or educational purposes

• Paid counseling sessions with a therapist

• Guidance with college applications

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