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Meet Wendell

"Applied Knowledge is Power"

graduate of Northeastern’s D’Amore Mckim School of Business, Wendell Jean-Jules is a Business Consultant and a Brand Marketing Specialist with extensive experience coordinating trade shows, product launches, social media strategy, managing internal communications, maintaining strong vendor relations, designing websites, as well as curating email blasts and business plans. 

Early Life & Education
Earlier Business Career
Activities and Societies
Industry Experiences

Early Life & Education

A first-generation Haitian-American born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts (The City of Champs). Wendell’s Football career ended in the 4th grade, after chipping his tooth going face first into a steel trash can whilst trying to catch a football. From that point, he understood the concept of being flexible and not letting failed attempts define him. Wendell found a new interest in basketball and track throughout middle school. However, growing up in a single parent household wasn’t the easiest, especially after losing his older sister at a very early age. Wendell’s mother was a highly educated and poise woman that had very high standards for him. She instilled in him the importance of education, constantly reminding him that “Knowledge is Power, and once you have it no one can take it from you.” This resonated with Wendell thereon.

In May 2005, Wendell woke up to tears, ambulances and his mother who passed away in her sleep. The thought of losing his mother was unreal. Following such tragedy, Wendell (aged 13) and his 5-year-old brother were legally adopted by his aunty Josie, as Wendell's father claimed he was unable to take care of him.

After graduating from middle school the following month, the transition from middle school to high school was very difficult, Wendell was not at his best academically, causing him to repeat his first year in high school. However, during his junior year, Wendell had a life changing moment as he joined the travel club at his school and raised money to volunteer at a camp in Saint Croix. On that trip, Wendell shared his story to a group of children and his peers for the very first time, at the end of his story, a young boy approached Wendell with a big hug, expressing his admiration he said “I want to be like you one day when I grow up”. He too lost his single parent mother a few months earlier and he felt lost with no hope for his future. At that moment, Wendell realized his story can be used as an inspiration to others, but also as his motivation to succeed and make his family proud. Once Wendell got back from the volunteering trip to Saint Croix, he completed his last semester in high school elated and with the hope of going to college to better himself and make his Mother proud.

As Wendell entered his Senior year of high school, he was faced with the challenge of getting into any of his college choices because of his low GPA. Community college was the only realistic options presented to him, however, after consecutively doing well each semester, he was given the opportunity to apply for a Foundation Year program at Northeastern University. The Foundation Year program is designed to give a selected number of recent High school graduates the opportunity to prove themselves in a 4-semester rigorous academic program. Wendell applied to the program, and was given the opportunity to interview for a chance to be selected as one of the students. Unfortunately, Wendell's GPA was below a 2.0 and ran the risk of rejection. With one and a half of a semester left, he was determined to bring his GPA up, and at the end of his 4th semester his GPA was over a 2.0. Wendell was awarded a MacBook computer from the principle of the school in a form of a scholarship for not allowing how he started high school be the faith of his destiny. Furthermore, Wendell's achievement gained him admission into the foundation year program.

Wendell completed the Foundation year program at the college with a 3.7 GPA, and was awarded a full ride scholarship into the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. In 2013, Wendell went to study abroad at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France taking a semester of International Marketing courses and getting his certificate in Digital Marketing. Wendell graduated from Northeastern University in May 2015.


Earlier Business Ventures

Wendell's entrepreneurship spirit began in high school, as he hosted his first social event for all the high school graduates in the city of Boston in 2010. He successfully headed the Marketing and Operations of the event bringing in over 1000 students under one roof.


Love it or Like it - 2017 to Current

Events and Marketing company specializing in planning and delivering events to clients from start to end. 

RnB and Paint - 2018 to Current

Paint night company infused with Live Music performances.

Le Rodeo - 2019

Food Truck Hall. Attempts were made to open Le Rodeo in 2019, however, due to location logistics and funding, an executive decision was made to post-pone the operations of Le Rodeo for the future. Although this was disappointing, Wendell Jean-Jules views this as not n failure, but as an opportunity to learn and grow. He said "everything I have learnt from everything I attempted that did not work out is  a lesson I needed to learn for the next big thing".

Industry Experience

During his time studying at Northeastern University, Wendell Jean-Jules landed a consulting gig with an International Identity and Access Management company. Furthermore, under the Northeastern’s Co-op program, Wendell worked 3 paid six-months long internships for Sanofi Biosurgery as a Marketing Associate, Advance Resource Marketing as a Marketing Associate and for Eagle Investment Systems (Subsidiary of BNY Mellon) as a Marketing Assistant. Within those roles, Wendell worked with numerous senior executives on various marketing campaigns, curations of events, market research, designing and leading social media strategies for local and global clients, product launches, content management, cost vendor analysis, trade-show setups and graphics, and product demos for the sales teams. After college, Wendell secured his first career as a grad at Fresenius Medical Care as a Marketing Communication specialist.

His other experiences includes the following;

Best Buy - Sales Representative/Digital Specialist

Applied Medical Technologies - Digital Marketing Specialist

AirClean Systems - Digital Marketing Specialist

CS Medical - Digital Marketing Specialist

Mystaire - Digital Marketing Specialist

See his linked-in profile for a list of work and skills acquired over his career.


Activities and Societies

Millennial Advisory Board for the M&F Bank

Northeastern Marketing Association

Business Skills Club

Caribbean Student Organization

Northeastern Black Student Association

Student Government Association (SGA)

Riddim Dance Troupe

Haitian Student Unity

Entrepreneurs Club

Personal Life

​Wendell is intrigued by cultures, hence his interest in languages. He is fluent in English, moderate in French/Creole and a beginner in Spanish.​ Wendell's other hobbies includes traveling, zip-lining, sand-boarding, eating out, networking, art and photography.

Spouse - Tolu Jean-Jules (wife)

Personal Life


Wendell has over 10 years experience working with clients in the following fields:

Finance • Retail & Fashion • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare • Advertising & Branding • Higher education • Publishing • Fashion

Public relations • • Food & Beverages • Hospitality • Real Estate • Sports & Personal Training • Arts & Craft • Live Music & Events • Social Media Influencers

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